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Last updated: March 19th, 2019

About us & What we do

We "drive" change on the roadways.

To do that, we've developed courses with a relaxing, fun environment that can be taken completely online. These courses have fun activities, interesting videos, and Sam, our animated guide, to keep people entertained. Our courses are also fully narrated. We go beyond the 'ordinary' experience, because aren't we all too cool for any ordinary traffic school?

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Florida Online Traffic School

We are an official State Provider for the State of Florida and our online Florida traffic school makes fun interactive courses for you so you don't have to read pages and pages of boring content for 4 hours like other providers.

Courses we offer:

Some of Too Cools' course perks:

  • Always FREE Certificate download
  • No pages of boring reading
  • Fully narrated with virtual guide.
  • Take the course anytime, anywhere
  • Stop and start anytime
  • Come back anytime right where you left off
  • Fun games & interactions

Why Wait?

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The Need for Traffic Education

In Florida during 2014, there were approximately 894,312 tickets issued for speeding. However, there were many other reasons that people were pulled over too, such as careless driving, running red lights, passing school buses, drunk driving... the list goes on! But we've made our Florida online traffic school a quick, entertaining way to learn how to improve your driving so you can keep yourself (and others) safer on the roads. Talk about a win-win.

Growing Concern

Have you ever driven past a crash? It's pretty common, so it's likely that you have. It's concerning how many people witness the scene of a crash, feel brief sorrow for the individuals involved, then continue to make dangerous driving decisions. We want to make it easy for people to start using defensive driving skills so they can avoid being the next crash victim.